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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 13, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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are scary. and they've jus >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, each al-qaeda says these guys are scary and they just moved two more town ins iraq. hundreds of americans are being evacuated tonight. >> bay area veterans told cate caugurian they are sick to their stomachs. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago, we learned the militants really do redefine the term extremist. took over two iraqi towns. iraq vets here in the bay area cannot watch what is going on and one vet told me she didn't have a response. >> i understand, but for me, it is kind of a punch in the gut.
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>> reporter: donny guy wants to help vets like her. she doesn't want to live in the past. >> knowing how dire the situation is, how are you feeling? >> it is a difficult thing to talk about. >> reporter: and it is a difficult thing to watch. islamic militants are making a move toward baghdad after taking over two other big city ins the country. one iraqi said they are terrorists an they have better weapons than us. these militants are an al-qaeda inspired group. the islamic state of iraq. but al-qaeda has condemned them for excessive violence. >> how can we see we are now gone and we are removed our presence from a stake hold we have fought so hard to accomplish. it is hard to see how little all of our effort means. it can make you feel like a lot of it has been in vain. >> reporter: the white house will try to help as best it can
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without sending ground troops. >> they are not getting a permanent foothold. cc kpix 5 tonight i-s-i-s holds much eastern syria and northwestn iraq... they have taken ovee region's oil wells... and ts how they are making money ty for their war. within a matter of h >> that is how they are making money to pay for their war. >> within a matter of hours, bowe bergdahl will be back in the united states for the first time in years. he will be at a military hospital in texas. bergdahl will have access to a lawyer. he will always get to see his family at some point. it has been almost two weeks since we saw bergdahl being released by the taliban.
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in exchange for the u.s. releasing five prisoners from guantanamo. he has been getting care at a hospital in germany. san mateo sheriffs think they may have solved a cold case from the 08s . gabriel o'neal was found on the murder of sheila hatcher. she had been sexually assaulted and killed. evidence was linked to o' neill. a san leandro neighborhood was locked down for an hour-and- a-half because a man wanted for violent crimes was in a standoff with the swat team. he finally surrendered just before 6:00 tonight. prosecutors in florida say they won't be filing charges against colin kaepernick. a woman filed charges after she
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partied with the quarterback and woke up with the hospital with no clue how she got there. but there is no evidence of crime. tonight, a new push to keep tesla from building a battery factory in texas after governor rick perry said this last night in san francisco. >> do you believe homosexual can be cured by prayer or counseling? >> i don't know. i'm not a psychiatrist or a doctor. whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that. and i made the point of talking about alcoholism. i may have the genetic coding that i'm inclined to be an
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alcoholic but i have the desire not to do that and i look at the homosexual issue the same way. >> governor perry is someone who wants to steal our jobs but he should start by getting a clue. love conquers ignorance. governor perry made these remarks in san francisco during pride month. so what does tesla have to say? the company says they have no comment on the remarks but says texas is still a strong contender for the factory. many bay area bars sure to be packed at 9:00 tomorrow morning when mexico plays cameroon in the world cup. the games got underway with an opening ceremony in sau paulo. jennifer lopez and pit bull wowed the crowd. the festivities were followed
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with an amazing kick. someone walked on the field, kicked a soccer ball several feet. this is the first ever kick made by a person with paralysis. the user is allowed to transmit brain signals to a user that moves the bionic suit. the excitement surrounds the world cup is out of this world. three crew members on the international space station played football in zero gaffty. california has the strongest e waste laws in the nation. but the laws have led to dropping our electronic junk in someone's backyard. now we are learning how serious the damage may be. we discovered it five years ago. a mountain in the arizona desert that is not on any map. look closer. it is made of glass from old tvs and monitors. full of lead and other toxic
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heavy metals. some 4100 pounds of it from california. we buy an extra fee when we buy a new tv to get the old stuff recycled. in most cases it is shifted out of place. the owner of this property received millions of dollars to recycle the glass, but never finished the job. after we alerted california officials back in 2009, they cracked down ordering recyclers to stop shipping old tvs and monitors to yuma. arizona filed suit, but the fine, $120,000 was a mere slap on the wrist. the company agreed to clean the mess up, but this man says ... >> we found the mess had not been cleaned up. >> reporter: jim puckett runs the basil action network. the same group that monitors the jumping of toxic waste in china and africa. he went to yuma to take samples
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of the site. >> we found levels of lead 100 times the background levels. these are well known toxins. they affect the central nervous system. >> reporter: samples from the leaves of a commercial lemon orchard found ten times the level of led of a sample a quarter mile away. >> the food source could be threatened. >> reporter: we showed the data to rita, a senior scientist with california's department of toxic substances controlled which overseas e waste disposal. she said if that was in california ... >> they would have to cut down the trees an do some testing and possibly dispose of that whole area. >> reporter: but california has much stricter laws than arizona. rita says her department is doing the best it can to make sure the glass is recycled properly. >> in the past five or six years, they spent an i more mouse amount of resources making sure the export doesn't
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take place. >> reporter: but just last year, we discovered another 9 million pounds of the glass in yuma. most of it once again is from california abandoned by another company called dow management. >> a massive flow is moving out of the state of waste which is toxic waste which california citizens thought was going to be recycled properly. >> we contacted them for a response but they never got back to us. russian bombers buzzing the california coast. again. >> facebook ads get more personal. tonight, the big changes that night seem kind of creepy. >> a mountain lion captured in mountain view and we learned it wa of all the places in your house, this one's the busiest. so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more.
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gas station: an off-duty when a >> this is a terrifying scene. at a new york gas station. the off duty officer runs from
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the pump. then turns around to save the driver before the explosion. both men are okay. it is believed the driver crashed going into diabetic shock, russian bomber jets are buzzing the california coast again. we first told you about this a couple of weeks ago. we learned four russian strategic bombers flew within 50 miles of the coast after practice bombing runs in alaska yesterday. u.s. jets were seen to intercept the bombers. it is a show of force from russia. facebook is making changes to the ads tonight. betty yu tells us they are getting pretty personal. betty. >> reporter: that's right liz. you will see more relevant ads. you will also get to choose what you like to see. if you have ever wondered why certain ads are popping up on your facebook feed, you will soon be able to find out. the company is adding a link called why am i seeing this?
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it will tell users why they those to show you that specific ad. and facebook will show you what they call ad preferences. you can add and remove pref presences. >> i think everybody needs to recognize facebook is in the business of gathering data. so they should be careful about what they share. knowing that everybody that they do there is going to be part of facebook's data base. >> reporter: debra williamson says facebook has always collected data on its 1.2 billion users. and not just their likes and clicks on its own website, but also, on the other sites they visit. >> it can tag ads, websites. so it can recognize when a facebook user is visiting that website. or using a certain app. and that information gets transmitted back to facebook. >> reporter: now, they are using that information to tailor ads more directly to customers. >> it is all about rev nigh. and facebook is really doubled down on the idea that targeted
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ads, personalized ads are the way of the future. >> reporter: well just how much money are we talking about? well facebook earned more than $2 billion in ad revenue in the first quarter of this year. users should start to see these changes in the coming weeks. live outside facebook headquarters, betty yu, kpix5. >> now if you don't want the targeted ads, you can say no through facebook. you will have to go to a different website to opt out. radio legend casey casum is dying. the 82-year-old is bedridden. a feeding tube is all keeping him alive. and a judge ruled the daughter can remove the feeding. he is suffering and it is dragging out the process. he is known for hosting american top 40 for four decades. >> i used listen to that count down and i would write down all the songs and it is this is the
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number one song this week. i got excited about this. you had to listen to that show or your weekend was incomplete. >> besides hosting american top 40, casey casum was the voice of shaggy on scooby doo. what do you remember about the top 40? post on our facebook pain. you don't usually see this in mountain view. a mountain lion. that big cat was captured a few weeks ago. >> it was waiting to pounce for hours. andria borba shows us. >> reporter: remember this scene on may 6? a mountain lion in a complex in manta view. turns out the mountain lion took the magical mystery tour through the south bay before meeting with the business end of a tranquilizer gun. after wondering out of the santa cruz mountain, it strolled through countless
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backyards. took a trip to target before finally ending up here at the corner of california and ring store. according to the tracking device placed on the cat, 46m hung out under this bush for nine-and-a-half hours watching people and bikers and traffic. >> that is pretty scary though if you really think about it. i mean, with kids and everybody around. >> it could have eaten somebody. >> reporter: before finally getting pinned under an v. captured and released back into the wild. >> it ended well. nobody got hurt. >> reporter: leaving man and beast to meet another day. in mountain view, andria borba, kpix5. >> makes you feel kind of sleepy. a wildlife biologist thinks the cougar got lost. we haven't forgotten the fog, but it is taking a little break tonight. >> it is all cleared out, but
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it won't last forever. it is allowingtous see this. this being the honeymoon. peek outside. called the money moon because it is final fool moon before the summer solstice. it has been a summer like year. january through may, first five months of the year, the hottest start to the year in california history. we are the only state in the country say tag. this has been the hottest start to the year ever. not so much today. pacifica, 58 degrees. alamo up near 100 a few days ago. today, only 77. so 30 miles, but 19 degrees apart today. tomorrow a lot of sunshine for you on saturday with the high of 81. so the trend for a few days was cooler. we will now reverse that trend and get warmer starting tomorrow. pretty simple equation. low pressure cranked up the on shore flow. it is moving out.
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replacing it is a big ridge of high pressure. it will relax the on shore flow. still there, still morning cloud cover. no heat wave, but a light on shore flow which i think is the perfect recipe for a great weekend. it won't be hot, but lit be sunny in the afternoon. tonight, we are still breezy, we will be breezy overnight when the kids head off to school if there is still school. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. we are trending warmer and the sunshine will be everywhere. concord tomorrow. back to the 80s . two degrees above average. san jose, you are back to normal. sunny vale, cloud cover. hayward, low 70s . pleasant hill tomorrow, 82, martinez, right around 80. antioch, you will hit 84. dublin, mid to upper 70s . berkeley, nice day on the cal campus. kentfield 75. headingen into san francisco,
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67. clear lake, 83. weekend looks nice. 80s widespread away from the water. a few isolated 90-degree readings. a lot of sunshine. warmest days will be monday and tuesday and we cool off a little bit. no extremes, but it will be quite mild, quite sunny outside. extremely great to get outside. that is the extreme. >> perfect. thank you. well, starbucks is going toe offer you and your smartphone a little jolt of energy. >> they are offering wireless recharging of smartphones. just lay your phone on special charging pads. starbucks plans a national roll- out of the free service starting in the bay area. >> and amazon will be bringing you some tune. it is launching a new music streaming service called prime music. it can be streamed from the amazon music app or your computer, but it will not offer music from one of the biggest labels, universal. coming up, mystery solved. tonight, for the first time, we
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proved today that age is ju number. he celebrated his 90-th birthday by makina tandem parachute jump. it's not the first time he's go >> president george h. w. bush proved that age is just a numberment he celebrated his 90th birthday with a parachute jump. he says this time will be his last time. the landing, a little rough. still it appears he had the thrill of a lifetime. >> a kiss from his wife. >> there you go. well now, we know exactly what goes into making budweiser beer. >> are you ready? there is nothing out of the ordinary here. they say water, barley, malt, rice, yeast, and hops. that's all it takes to make bud and bud light. there have been suspicions. mainstream beer adds things in the brewing process. a food blogger went so far as to start an online petition to get the ingredients. he writes this blog called other obvious questions i need
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answers to. [ laughter ] >> you are not going to believe this. but i used to be able to memorize the logo on the can. this is the famous budweiser beer, we know of no other beer produced. >> this is impressive. >> what costs so much to brew and age. it produces a taste, a drinkability you will find in no other beer. >> you were in a fraternity. >> yes i was. [ laughter ] >> the things i remember. couldn't remember any subjects, but i could remember that. we have a shock you could not believe. i couldn't believe it. and the giants were doing after people find a dentist through us, they often say,
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set- up...2-2-1-1-1 we're t4 games... ....going back to >> nba up top. final series. it is 2-2, 1, 1, 1. we are through four games going back to san antonio sunday. is it ever coming back to miami after tonight? serena in south beach. lebron grimacing. what happened? spurs took it to miami again. that is saint mary's product patty mills hiting the three. they led by as much at 25. let's go to kawhi leonard with the slam. two five champs heat spanked by the spurs. 107-86. they take a 3-1 series lead. is it over sunday in san antonio? what's left in the tank? >> it is time to just look
2:06 am
under the hood and no stone should be unturned. at this point, all the stones already unturned going into tonight's game? >> i don't even know what that means. i got an engine underneath my hood. whenever can put your teammates in position to win, all the stones should be unturned. it should happen in the finals. that vow in day one. >> frank and lawrence, giants, tim hudson, seven innings strong held by defense. angel pagan laying it out. so you put that together with an offense today. put it all in the cocktail. and you get this. you get seven runs. hector sanchez, a pinch hit two run single. the giants avoid being swept by the nationals. 7-1 the final. >> we are here playing the fourth game of a series. fighting to keep from getting swept here at home.
2:07 am
so the fellows did great today. >> our play on the field, it was a lot easier to go out in and have fun and be successful and enjoy it. i think you have a bunch of goof balls in here. and you know, it is a lot of fun after a win. >> rockies tomorrow. bronze statue. phil mickelson today. he is in the now. chasing his first u.s. open win. five strokes back. hunter mcneilly made a miss of his final nine holes. finishes four over par. the leader of the day. martin keimer. 33 of his final five hoe holes. pit bull j-lo, world cup brazil. they got a gift penalty call. versus croatia led to a penalty kick. and it goes by the name of
2:08 am
namar. brazil with some home cooking. 3-1 winners to start the cup. and from earlier tonight, this was live tv! live tv! give it to me man! there it is again. >> that is some thing. >> that is what you miss when you don't watch. >> that is pressure. that is pressure. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> the form was wonderful. >> you and yoenis cespedes. >> you and yoenis cespedes. >> we ,,,,,,,,
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